10 April 2022 Report by IPES-Food “The Politics of Protein: Examining claims about livestock, fish, alternative proteins and sustainability”

27 January 2022 Joint Statement on Farm to Fork Strategy: how to reach the targets?

27 January 2022 CLITRAVI Statement on the implementation of the Farm to Fork

22 December 2021 WHO factsheet: how can we tell if plant-based products are healthy?

8 December 2021 Press Release on the dialogue between the European Livestock Voice and Mr. Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, on the future of European livestock farming.

15 October 2021 video: “Blind spots of the Farm to Fork targets”

12 October 2021 Joint Declaration on “FARM TO FORK – IT IS TIME TO LISTEN TO WHAT THE DATA SAYS!”


Joint Statement from the Agri-Food Sector on the Revision of the Promotion Policy and the Draft 2022 Annual Work Programme


European Livestock Voice: March 2021 Video on the 9 paradoxes in the EU Farm to Fork Strategy which hinder the green transition –>

Despite clearly good intentions, the Farm to Fork strategy does not take into consideration the current situation and challenges of the livestock sector.
The video highlights inaccuracies in the understanding of:

  • The nutritional value of meat
  • The consistency of land use for livestock farming activities
  • The environmental sustainability of the European livestock chain
  • The economic impact of the sector
  • The protection of animal welfare
  • The use of natural versus chemical fertilizers
  • Job security and employment in rural areas
  • The gastronomic and cultural heritage of animal-source products
  • The security and availability of our food products





CLITRAVI position on FOP nutrition labelling

30 April 2020 letter to Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and to Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius on “Safeguarding the health of people and animals “One Health” – to be at the core of  the EU policy agenda” –> Doc 1 click here  –  Doc 2 click here

16 April 2020 CLITRAVI Statement on the Covid-19 Emergency

6 March 2020 letter expressing concerns regarding the possible setting up of nutrient profiles at EU level (on behalf of a number of European Associations)

3 March 2020 letter from 11 European organisations of the livestock chain on the European Green Deal – Farm to Fork Strategy

4 March 2020 joint CLITRAVI-EDA letter calling on the European Commission to protect the integrity of the Single Market as a vital basis to step up sustainability efforts

30 October 2019 CLITRAVI letter to 3 European Commissioners on WTO decision on the Airbus dispute

 7 October 2019 CLITRAVI Statement on the increase of the price of pigmeat

MeattheFacts: CLITRAVI among the founding partners of the European Livestock Voice platform to balance the debate around livestock production
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